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Special session for PhD students

Title: Nonlinear equations
Chair: Marek Galewski (Institute of Mathematics, Technical University of Lódź)


Session is devoted to various topics concerned with nonlinear equations such as: existence, multiplicity, ossicilations, chaotic behaviour, qualitative properties of solutions. New methods in examining nonlinear equations both continuous and discrete, and also functional or integro-differential are welcomed.

Session is planned for younger and/or less experienced scholars and Ph.D. students working on obtaining their degree.

15-minutes talks are planned.

All interested participants should register via the website of the conference while the abstracts (containing the clear exposition of results and not merely the extended version of a title of a talk) should be sent to professor Marek Galewski at for acceptance.Carefully selected proceedings of the sessions are planned to be published in Opuscula Mathematica according to a normal high standards exercised by this journal in a regular issue.